A Guide to Garage Saling

Our city holds city-wide garage sales twice a year, and my husband and I get so excited.

I am by no means above pre-owned anything. If I can get something in good condition for a great deal, I don’t care if I’m the tenth owner of the item, so garage saling is totally my thing!

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That Time I Forgot How to Spell…

Today the temperature went above 80 degrees!! In Iowa, though, you can’t really count on the weather to stay the same for more than a few days, especially in the spring, so I’m soaking it up.

The weather made me reminiscent of the summer before second grade. The summer itself wasn’t anything too unusual. I had sleepovers, visited my dad, and did other kid things. Every year, my mom would remind me to pick up a book and read every once in a while, so I would be ready when school started in the fall, but I didn’t take her advice that summer.

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10 Things We’ve Taught Each Other

Marriage is a learning experience for both parties involved. Like, all the time. It’s this way because no two people have the exact same upbringing, meaning there are things you learned that your spouse may not have and vice versa.┬áIn the quest for oneness, you may try to teach your spouse something in hopes that it may bring unity instead of Continue reading “10 Things We’ve Taught Each Other”