Creative Shoe Storage

Living in a small house with little space for storage means you have to get creative sometimes. Our back entryway is tiny, and it’s also the entrance to the basement, so having shoes there and trying to open doors is difficult and pretty frustrating. This is my most recent idea:


Coat hooks!

You can’t use just any coat hooks, though. They need to be at least 2″ long and point upwards rather than just straight out.

I am so excited to not be tripping over shoes anymore every time I walk in the door!

Husband Saves the Day

My husband is truly one of a kind.

There are things he does that might cause a fight if they happened in someone else’s marriage, but we laugh because we both know that, even though he’s 75% serious, he is 25% just being silly, so it makes it okay.

Last week, for example…I am laughing while I write this just thinking about what he did.¬† Continue reading “Husband Saves the Day”

The Point of a Picture

I absolutely¬†love pictures for the same reason I love writing about life – because I know I am forgetful. I’ve spent many hours in the last couple days sorting through and organizing thousands of pictures, and it’s not the first time I’ve had to do this.

When we were first married, we each had boxes of pictures from our lives before each other…well, I had boxes. My husband just had hundreds of pictures in random places, and they weren’t in any kind of order. I am all about organization, so, although my execution isn’t exactly perfect yet, I decided to go through all of those pictures. And I learned something… Continue reading “The Point of a Picture”