The Family Chronicler

There are some technological advances that I think are completely useless, some that I think are awesome, and some that have nearly ruined human interactions. And then there is Shutterfly.

I’ve always been someone who liked to reminisce. Of all my siblings, I think I spent the most time huddled over photo albums looking at days before I was born and memorable moments from my childhood. So much can be learned about a person from looking through their old pictures. Continue reading “The Family Chronicler”

Happy Father’s Day, Love

Happy Father’s Day, Love.

You are an amazing dad, and honestly, you should have celebrated this day long before our son was born.

You were a father when we were doing youth ministry. You loved the kids we worked with. You taught them, laughed with them, cried with them. You introduced them to their Father in heaven, and spoke truth into their lives. You dealt with drama and welcomed kids with open arms when others would have run away because hormonal teens can be comparable to bears coming out of hibernation.

You modeled Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day, Love”

The Point of a Picture

I absolutely love pictures for the same reason I love writing about life – because I know I am forgetful. I’ve spent many hours in the last couple days sorting through and organizing thousands of pictures, and it’s not the first time I’ve had to do this.

When we were first married, we each had boxes of pictures from our lives before each other…well, I had boxes. My husband just had hundreds of pictures in random places, and they weren’t in any kind of order. I am all about organization, so, although my execution isn’t exactly perfect yet, I decided to go through all of those pictures. And I learned something… Continue reading “The Point of a Picture”