The Mysterious Disappearance of Pursuit

I’ve heard marriage described as a beautiful example of Christ’s love for the Church, and, before I got married, I probably believed that completely, but I have since learned that sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes marriage isn’t a beautiful example because married people are not more perfect than unmarried people. Do I think that marriage has the potential to be a beautiful example of Christ’s love for the Church? Absolutely, but to leave out the rest of it seems a bit dishonest and irresponsible. Continue reading “The Mysterious Disappearance of Pursuit”

When We Know What We Want

I see it all the time on my Facebook feed:

“I soooo want to go there someday!!!”¬†beautiful landscape photo

“I will do this someday!”¬†crazy photo of crazy people doing crazy things, like skydiving – yuck

“I want to have this someday!!”¬†photo of a nice car, big house, or cool backyard

You get the picture I’m painting here.

Now, there probably aren’t real statistics about this, but I would bet that the vast majority of people don’t ever Continue reading “When We Know What We Want”