You Would be Two Today

Oh, Leeland. You would be turning two today. How can that be?

It seems like no time has passed since the day you were born, but it also seems like a lifetime ago. Time is a strange thing.

I miss you every day, sweet boy, and I wonder what you would be like.

Happy birthday. Today probably doesn’t mean much to you, baby boy. It’s just another piece of your eternity, but while you’re kneeling before our King, I still think of you on this day.

I love you.


The Point of a Picture

I absolutely love pictures for the same reason I love writing about life – because I know I am forgetful. I’ve spent many hours in the last couple days sorting through and organizing thousands of pictures, and it’s not the first time I’ve had to do this.

When we were first married, we each had boxes of pictures from our lives before each other…well, I had boxes. My husband just had hundreds of pictures in random places, and they weren’t in any kind of order. I am all about organization, so, although my execution isn’t exactly perfect yet, I decided to go through all of those pictures. And I learned something… Continue reading “The Point of a Picture”

Why We Should All Write

Here I am. My second day in a row of virtual journaling! This isn’t really impressive for me, though. Now, if I make it 6 days (not counting Sundays unless I really feel like it) then it will be another story.

As I blog and basically share my journal with all the world, I’ve given myself two rules: only write about things I would actually write about in a real journal and write about my life in a way that will be relevant to myself and others.

So with that in mind, today is mostly for me. Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves Continue reading “Why We Should All Write”