Birthday Balloon

Yep, that’s a picture of the kind of balloon that has been in my uterus the last 10 days.

My birthday was yesterday. I’m 26. Sometimes I think, “wow, has it been 26 years already?” And other times I think, “Only 26 years, huh?”

So much has happened. Sometimes I can hardly believe the story that has been written for me this far. So much loss, but so much more life. So much joy and sorrow. So many surprises and so many opportunities for growth, even if that meant experiencing growing pains physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I think that will be big in the coming year as I make my way to 27. I can already see it in just a few of the things that have happened recently. This year will cause me to grow in ways that I never thought I would, and I know it will be good because my God is good, and He knows what He is doing. Continue reading “Birthday Balloon”


This weekend was wonderful!

Some of our Haitian family has been in the United States for over a month, traveling around to churches that support the orphanage to give updates and share goals for the future. They made it to our area this past weekend, and we had the privilege of hosting a get together with other people who have been to Haiti. Continue reading “Reunited!”

Big Big Families

 I grew up in a pretty big family. I’m number 5 of 7 kids. My parents are divorced and both are remarried, which adds another level of extended family on both sides. I always felt like I had a big family, especially compared to other people who were, for example, only children.

But then the Lord did something. I think this whole thing started about two years ago. My husband’s dad had died recently, and we had discovered I was pregnant. We had friends coming out of the woodwork to come alongside us and support us through all of it. I realized something that I thought I had always known, but I guess had never experienced before: Continue reading “Big Big Families”

Life: When There Are No Words – These Are Enough

In the last month, my husband and I have decided we would begin to try to get pregnant. And as I sit here thinking about a baby in the future, I am thinking of another.

It was about this time two years ago that we conceived our first, but it wasn’t until months later that we discovered Continue reading “Life: When There Are No Words – These Are Enough”