He is Still Good Three Years Later

Gosh, it is so hard to wrap my head around this day, and I’m sure it will be just as hard in 15 years and in 40 years.

Today, Leeland would have been 3 years old. I still remember a lot from that day. I remember 3 years ago, close to this time, we were returning home from the University of Iowa Hospital with one less person than we had left with. Continue reading “He is Still Good Three Years Later”

Chasing Answers

The last three years have taken me and my husband on quite a journey. From a positive pregnancy test to an abnormal ultrasound to holding our sweet boy who never took a breath on earth to burying him, grieving his loss, and having to rediscover who we were only to find out that my body was somehow damaged along the way. The last three years have stretched us in ways we didn’t know we could handle, but our faithful God knew we could, and He was with us all the way.

Tomorrow we take the next step in finding out what is happening with my body. Continue reading “Chasing Answers”

Sharing My Story

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share part of my testimony for a women’s event for the second time. One of my best friends recorded the whole thing, so I would be able to share it with some people who wanted to see it, and I thought the simplest way would be to add it to my blog, so here it is. I hope it encourages you.


If We Treated Jesus Like Our Favorite Show

I disappoint myself a lot, and I am so thankful that there is grace for that.

I was talking with my husband about how I wanted more in my relationship with Jesus. In a lot of ways, I just wanted more. I wanted more intimacy. I wanted more growth. I wanted more opportunity. I wanted to know more of Him and be more like Him. And it isn’t Jesus who leaves me wanting – it’s me. I don’t always set aside time. I don’t seek Him enough. I don’t deny myself.

And I got to thinking – what if I treated Jesus like I do my favorite TV show? What if I set aside a whole hour on a given night every week just for Him – or even binge read the Bible instead of binge watching another Continue reading “If We Treated Jesus Like Our Favorite Show”

The Lame Testimony

I’m a pretty open book when it comes to sharing my story – my life – with people. I have enjoyed, on a couple occasions, sharing my story publicly. In September, I had the opportunity to speak at a women’s retreat put on by the church I grew up in. It was my first time speaking to a crowd of mostly adults, and it was pretty awesome.

People gave me great feedback about my story and encouraged me to keep on sharing, but there was one thing I heard a few times that struck a chord, “You have such a powerful testimony for someone so young. I wish my testimony was like that.”

I was bothered because, Continue reading “The Lame Testimony”