A Little Friendly Competition

My husband decided that tonight would be date night.

We used to really suck at setting aside time to do something out of the ordinary and spend quality time together, but we’ve tried to make it priority every week, and it’s been really good for us.

He made plans to spend our evening playing Continue reading “A Little Friendly Competition”

When We Know What We Want

I see it all the time on my Facebook feed:

“I soooo want to go there someday!!!” beautiful landscape photo

“I will do this someday!” crazy photo of crazy people doing crazy things, like skydiving – yuck

“I want to have this someday!!” photo of a nice car, big house, or cool backyard

You get the picture I’m painting here.

Now, there probably aren’t real statistics about this, but I would bet that the vast majority of people don’t ever Continue reading “When We Know What We Want”

The Way Life Doesn’t Stop

Sometimes I forget how much time has passed in my life. I use major events to act as markers of time, and it helps me to keep track. When I really sit back and think about those markers, though, it is a bit startling. I consider where I was at that moment and where I am now, and I don’t like that, although it’s been years in some cases, it feels like yesterday. Because life has kept going, and sometimes Continue reading “The Way Life Doesn’t Stop”

Do You Ever Just Take a Minute?

My day starts a little before 7:00am. I have a daycare, and that’s the time my doors open. Kids start coming any time from then until 8:30. I usually spend my early morning tidying up, getting snacks ready, and doing whatever else I need to do, so the day runs smoothly, or as smoothly as it can when hanging out with 5 kids under 5.

This morning, though, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made me stop what I was doing. Continue reading “Do You Ever Just Take a Minute?”

Time Don’t Lie

The title just felt right to me even though the grammar makes me feel like I’m dying a little inside.

I’ve been convicted of a lot of things in the last year (by the Holy Spirit, not the legal system for clarification), and time is one of those things.

If you would ask me what are the 5 most important priorities (things, people, values, etc) in my life I would say the following: Continue reading “Time Don’t Lie”