New Orleans Part 1: St. Louis

Last week, Jamin and I helped lead a high school mission trip to New Orleans. We got back last night around 7:30pm, and we have used today to rest and regain some energy. The trip wiped us out, but it was amazing.

About a month before the trip, we were asked if we could go along because they needed two more leaders. The students were from a Lutheran church in our town. We aren’t Lutheran, but I love having opportunities to work with other denominations and be unified with the body of Christ! Continue reading “New Orleans Part 1: St. Louis”

Haiti: Unity Among Believers

We spent a day at the beach in the middle of the week, and something beautiful happened.

After we had been swimming and snorkeling and bouncing on water trampolines for a while, I made my way back to shore. I passed a couple women – both quite a bit older than me. One was standing where she could just touch the ocean floor and the other was swimming laps around her cousin.

I don’t even remember how our interaction began – someone asked the other what they were doing in Haiti or something like that.

She told me she was living Continue reading “Haiti: Unity Among Believers”

Haiti: Joy & Mourning

A week before our arrival in Haiti, a beloved member of our Imagine Missions family died. His name was Feto. He was a security guard at the team house and so much more. He was a father figure to many children – including two of his own, an amazing servant and friend, and he was Papa Noel (Santa Claus) to the children at the orphanage. He loved to play a card game that involved putting clothes pins all over your face; in fact, I’m not sure if I’d ever seen him without at least one clothes pin on his face. I still don’t understand how the game works, but I remember how Feto was always welcoming and kind.

My husband and I had privilege of attending Continue reading “Haiti: Joy & Mourning”